A Marketplace for Pull Requests

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How It Works

Clients Tag GitHub Issues With a Price Tag

Each issue represents a task. They explain what they need to be done, be it a bug fix or a new feature or whatever, and also tag it with a special CodeMill price tag. The issue then becomes a an opening in the marketplace.

Choose a Task, Forks Client's Repository and Start Working

You can browse each task's related repository (If the repository is private, you can request access to it) and see if the task and the price suit you. If they do, you fork the repository and start working.

Send a Pull Request and Wait For The Merge

When you complete the task, send a pull request. When the client merges it, you're getting paid. It's that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to do anything before I can start working on tasks?

    First you have to sign up using GitHub. Then you can immediately go to the marketplace and find a task to work on.

  • How do I know about new tasks that enter the marketplace?

    You can set up alerts for new tasks based on preferred programming languages and prices. You can also just use the basic daily tasks digest that we send out to developers, or come check for new tasks regularly.

  • I see a task that I can work on, but it's priced too low.

    You can let the client know what's the price you'll do it for. Maybe they'll accept (see example).

  • What do I do if the task repository is private?

    Click the "Request Access" button. The client will then be able to grant you access, and you'll be able to grab the task as well. Whether they grant access or decline, we'll notify you about that.

  • What happens when I grab a task?

    We fork it for you so you can start working on it, and either assign you to the issue if it's an organization owned repository, or writing a comment on behalf of the client, mentioning you as the assignee.

  • Am I the only one working on the task?

    Yes. Once you grab the task, no one else can grab it. You're not competing with other developers or anything like that.

  • Can I communicate with the client?

    Sure, please do. We didn't put our own mechanism in place specifically for that because we want to keep you away from GitHub for as little as possible. The best and most transparent approach is to communicate over comments on the GitHub issue, or alternatively by using Gitter.

  • OK, I've done the job. Now what?

    Now you're sending a pull request. Ultra important: you must copy the pull request string from your CodeMill dashboard and paste it to the pull request body (see example). Otherwise we won't be able to attach the pull request to the task and we wouldn't realize we need to pay you when the pull request is merged.

  • How do I get paid?

    Via Paypal. Bare in mind that we're keeping 10% of the task price as commission. The rest is sent to you.

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